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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  November 30, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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all light snow. scattered flurries along with a windy tuesday is in store, as highs hold in the lower to middle 30s. following some scattered midweek flurries the weather begins to warm with highs in the middle 40s as early as friday. tonight: light rain/snow low: 27-33 winds: s 5-15tomorrow: windy, scattered flurries high: 32-38 winds: sw 15-25 back to you. preschool students in the linn-mar school district could one day go to school in one, centralized location. the district is growing and school leaders are
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that has prompted discussions about changes to where mostly four year olds go to school. kcrg-tv9's jill kasparie joins us in the studio. jill - you visited one linn-mar preschool classroom today ... where are those located right now? about 2-hundred-50 preschool students go to class at novak, linn grove and echo hill elementary schools. but now school leaders are looking to bring all the preschool students together in one location. that location is still to be determined start of jingle bells from practicing music to learning health-- these kids and their teacher are busy! nats of food conversation teacher melissa bray recently took on another assignment. she joined other parents and administrator s as part of the preschool advisory board. "the committee was formed in order to make an educated decision on what we think would
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it would be to have preschool classrooms stay in elementary buildings or to have them be in a center-based program. we came to the conclusion that a center-based program would be our recommendation the district says that could become a reality in the next three to five years. with so much demand, there just isn't enough space in the kindergarten program. "linn-mar is a big, growing district and our preschool is growing at the same rate, and we always have large waiting lists." the district says while centralized preschool would also help with space issues in elementary buildings, school leaders say they wanted to make this decision based on what's best for the kids. "we have about 20 percent of k students with zero preschool experience and those are the kids that we want to reach." "i think it'll be great as far as the teachers having collaboration with each other, we hope to also have adequate space, the use of new technology, families to have a central location to go to." they want to keep these kids busy and learning for a
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"in a one horse open sleigh hey!" this is still a work in progress. the district says it plans to work out the details in the future - like where this centralized preschool building will go and how much it'll cost. bruce and beth? thanks, jill. the university of iowa is looking into a racist comment that someone carved on campus. president bruce harreld says it was found in a bathroom in the spence laboratories - which contains faculty offices and research labs. he says crews immediately sanded down the bathroom door to remove the comment. harreld told students, faculty, staff that quote "the act is offensive to our community and will not be tolerated." late last year, an assistant professor put this statue resembling a k-k-k member on the pentacrest. the professor said it was meant as a protest to the violence against black people. but some students
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authorities removed it. republican presidential front runner donald trump is facing questions over his campaign's claim about receiving an endorsement from a group of african american pastors. trump and dozens of black pastors met behind closed doors today in new york. trump had planned to hold a news conference afterwards, but his campaign abruptly canceled it over the weekend. some pastors had criticized trump because he promoted the event as an endorsement from the group. they said they wanted to challenge trump about his racially charged rhetoric. but trump called the meeting inspiring. " sot - donald trump / presidential candidate: the beautiful thing about the the meeting is they didn't ask me to change. i think they want to see victory. ultimately its because they want to win and win together.sot; pastor scott: we had a wonderful meeting. made a lot of progress. it won't be the last." the meeting came after several more controversial comments from trump. in one of
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a black protestor deserved to be roughed up during a campaign event. ted cruz spent part of the day campaigning in coralville. he spoke to about 150 people at the kirkwood regional center at the university of iowa. he addressed a number of topics, including repealing the affordable care act and abolishing the i-r-s. he also touched on the refugee crisis, saying allowing thousands of syrian muslim refugees into the country is - quote lunacy. people in waterloo and cedar falls will elect new mayors tomorrow. councilman quentin hart and former mayor tim hurley are both vying for the seat in waterloo. and mayor jon crews and businessman jim brown will be on the ballot in cedar falls. though crews recently announced plans to step down and urged people to vote for his challenger. polling in the run-off elections is open from 7 in the morning until 8 at night. the polling places are the same as they were in the city election earlier this month. the obama administration is boosting the amount of ethanol and other renewable fuels in the
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today, the environmental protection agency said it will increase the nation's renewable fuel standards. the agency says it will require more than 18 billion gallons of renewable fuels next year. the amount is less than the level lawmakers set in 2007, but it's more than what the e-p-a proposed last spring. iowa produces more corn for ethanol than any other state. governor branstad released a statement that said he's disappointed that the e-p-a didn't follow what congress had called for. he said, "today's decision shows the lack of interest in providing consumers choice at the pump... ... creating jobs, and increasing incomes in rural america, and reducing our dependence on foreign oil." more young people will be able to take advantage of a program the dubuque dream center offers. today, the center announced someone donated two busses. kcrg-tv9's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann shows us how the gift will be a
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the dubuque dream center is an after school program for 3rd through 8th grade students who live in the downtown area. directors say they help kids who need some structure after school. but it's also away to engage and improve the neighborhoods. basketball shots whether it's basketball practice....or a little one on one help with homework... about 85 students call the dream center their second home. "it makes me feel special. " for several hours after school each day, the students spend time here playing basketball, dancing or boxing. still, school work comes first. "they come in, they get a meal, they do tutoring and then they have there activity. " directors say the structured environment gives the students what they need if their parents aren't available to them in the late afternoon. 've been doing my homework and turning in my homework. and i've changed my behavior from last year to this year. " now, thanks to the donor, two big blue school buses sit outside the center ready to take these kids where they need to go. "on the weekends when we have basketball tournaments or we have dance
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events that take us away from dubuque, organizing rides can be difficult. " volunteers here are working on getting their commercial driver's license, soon, off they will do. one big, happy, family. "we can all travel together and have fun. " the dream center is a non-profit organization that runs only on grants and donations. the two buses are something directors say there is no way they would have ever been able to afford. in dubuque katie wiedemann, kcrg tv-9 news. there are just a couple more hours to get in your nominations for our nine who care awards. each year, t-v nine and our show you care sponsors honor nine outstanding eastern iowa volunteers. but we need to have you nominate someone who you think has earned this recognition. to do that, just go to kcrg dot com slash care. nominations are due by midnight. it's a surprise one woman in cedar rapids says she'll never forget, and it's all thanks to her co-workers. we'll look at how a group of co-workers at
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surprise that included a trip of a
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a group of co-workers banded together to make a dream come true for one of their own. a custodian at saint luke's hospital in cedar rapids is going to disney world after co-workers raised enough funds for her trip. when they surprised her with the news, someone caught it all on camera, and it's had more than 100
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why friends say this woman deserves this gift. if there's one person smiling on the second floor of st. luke's hospital it's resa collier . for the past two years her co-workers say she's brought so much joy to their lives as well as to patients. and the one thing she's always wanted to do was visit disney world. "disney world to me is a place where you can live that dream, and every thing's perfect." but she never had the opportunity. when she lost her father this year, her co-workers wanted to do something to help ease the pain. "what better way to help her out at that moment, then to give her the trip of a lifetime." "everybody got behind it, it wasn't one person that said, oh i don't know, i'm not sure. it kind of just rolled on from there." more than 50 people raised the money to get her and her husband a gift card. that card will allow her to travel, stay, and enjoy
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collier says she was in shock. "you could of knocked me over with a feather." "me, that was my biggest thing, me, why me?" "it was just really hard to see her going through so much pain and after bringing so much joy to patients, and staff. we just wanted to do something to bring a smile back to her." collier says after her father died everyone showed her constant support. "they were my new family, and they had been with me through thick and thin, there's just no describing how much love i felt." and the love showed through the gift. she and her husband plan to go in october. in cedar rapids, brea love, kcrg-tv nine news. matt campbell is officially at the helm of the cyclones football program... hear what the former toledo coach had to say about the program he's stepping into, ahead in
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through the upper midwest we are
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scattered showers. overnight a bit of a light rain/snow mix could occur before transition to all light snow. scattered flurries along with a windy tuesday is in store, as highs hold in the lower to middle 30s. following some scattered midweek flurries the weather begins to warm with highs in the middle 40s as early as friday. tonight: light rain/snow low: 27-33 winds: s 5-15tomorrow: windy, scattered flurries high: 32-38 winds: sw 15-25tomorrow night: chance of flurries low: 25-31
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flurries high: 36 - low: 28 thursday: mostly cloudy high: 37 - low: 25 friday: mostly sunny high: 45 - low: 28 saturday: partly cloudy high: 46 - low: 30 sunday: partly cloudy high: 44 - low: 31 monday: chance of rain/snow
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the man accused of killing three people at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado could face the death penalty. today, robert dear made a court appearance on initial first-degree murder charges. the minimum penalty is life in prison? and maximum of death. the 57-year-old wore a protective vest and had his hands cuffed in court. investigators say he shot and killed three people - including police officer garrett swasey - at the clinic in colorado springs on friday. law enforcement sources tell a-b-c he made hostile comments about planned parenthood, saying quote "no more baby parts." the chicago police officer accused of killing a black teenager is free on bail tonight. officer jason van dyke faces a first degree murder charge for shooting laquan mcdonald 16 times last year. the
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shooting last week, leading to protests in parts of the city. but the officer's attorney says van dyke feared for his life then... and fears now for his future. " "he is, uh, very scared about the consequences he is facing. he's concerned for his wife and his children." " prosecutors had requested no bail. but a judge set bail at one and a half million dollars, and van dyke is free after posting ten per cent. coming up next in sports.. scott has uni basketball highlights. and iowa state introduced the cyclones new head football coach today. you'll hear from him next here on t-v nine.
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success at a young age. josh has more from ames on the new iowa state football coach. on sunday, iowa state hired matt campbell on his 36th birthday to be the next football head coach at iowa state. today, he was introduced at a press conference and there's a lot of excitement with this hire. "this place is special. i'm as loyal as you're going to get. i really believe that the building process in taking something and making it special is what i love to do. campbell spent four seasons as the toledo head coach compiling a 35-15 record and led the rockets to two bowl victories. he says when toledo came to ames last
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trice stadium. "as we came in, i was just so impressed with the fans, the energy and the excitement that surrounded this place. as i watched the team do the spirit walk coming in, i was blown away." "toledo was a tough team. they were disciplined, they never gave up... we need a disciplined football team to be successful and i think that coach campbell is going to bring that." in ames, josh christensen tv9 sports. to hoops and uni looking for their 5th straight win tonight hosting north texas. the panthers played some good defense early the steal ahead to paul jesperson for the bucket and one.. and then with time running down on the shot clock former iowa city west all-stater jeremy morgan for three.. got it for the 19-17 lead. morgan finished with 15. bennett cook is really starting to come on with the putback for two of his 18 points. and then look at the nice feed from cook to a cutting matt bohannon for two of his 16. and
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at the break.. uni with a big second half to win their fifth straight 93-70. back to football. desmond king was named the tatum-woodson defensive back of the year in the big 10. .. king is tied for the lead in the nation with 8 picks.. what a year josie jewell has had. the pride and joy of decorah was named second team linebacker.. former solon standout marshall kane was selected second team kicker.. jordan lomax and nate mier were named third team.. and cole fisher, jaleel johnson, ben niemen and dillon kidd were honorable mention. they will announce the offensive big 10 team tomorrow. parker hesse was named the big 10 freshman of the week today. the former waukon standout had six tackles and that big pick six in the win over nebraska. congrats to uni cornerback deiondre hall for being the named the missouri valley defensive player of the year today. tim kilfoy, brett mckakin, jacob rath- macher, and karter schult were also first team. panther qb aaron bailey was the newcomer of the year and linn-mar grad
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neilson was the coach of the year for his turnaround season at western illinois. and finally it's monday time to get stupid and obnoxious with the golden klutz awards. hit it andrea! let's start off with ole charlie brown kick. he's lucky he got part of the ball. and their is nothing worse than getting tackled by the turf monster. they should put the turf monster in the stat book. actually it could be worse you could trip over the flag and get tackled. and sometimes you can out think yourself. i don't the colts will be trying that play anytime soon. to hoops and the worst pass of the week. you might want to look nexttime i lied this is the worst pass of the week it almost breaks the glass. ya that
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bench. to the pitch and how would you like to be all alone for the goal and do this. oh but alteast he didn't score in his own goal this poor guys shot got taken by the wind and it blew backwards high bounce and over the goalie for an own goal and i had fun in mount vernon this week bump setting spiking good night thanks scott. as a storm system continues its movement through the upper midwest we are left with scattered showers. overnight a bit of a light
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transition to all light snow. scattered flurries along with a windy tuesday is in store, as highs hold in the lower to middle 30s. following some scattered midweek flurries the weather begins to warm with highs in the middle 40s as early as friday. tonight: light rain/snow low: 27-33 winds: s 5-15tomorrow: windy, scattered flurries high: 32-38 winds: sw 15-25 thanks joe. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 10.
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight - the cast of "the ridiculous 6"-- with adam sandler-- terry crews -- jorge garcia-- taylor lautner-- rob schneider-- and luke wilson--
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